About Lidia Scinski

Lidia Scinski is a California-based educator who balances her professional interests with a longtime dedication to health, nutrition, and fitness.

Lidia lives in San Diego with her family. As a mother of an infant daughter, Lidia has taken a renewed interest in exercise; she is always looking for cost-efficient and (even more importantly) time-efficient ways to be active and physically challenge herself. Whether she’s powering through the strenuous FOCUS T25 Workout program or simply going for a jog in her neighborhood, she cherishes the chance to keep fit and relieve stress.

A lifelong resident of California, Lidia naturally takes advantage of the local climate every chance she gets. She enjoys visiting popular beaches, exploring campgrounds, and looking for new activities to share with her similarly outdoorsy family. She also enjoys gardening, an activity nurtured by years of living in Imperial Desert (an area which largely depends on agriculture), a yearlong stint in the beautiful and blooming scenery of Puerto Rico, and the overall “grow local” culture of her home state.

Lidia is all about creating bona fide “backyard-to-table” meals. She is always looking for seasonal gardening tips and low-fat recipes; the more she learns, the more she is able to cook up healthy and inexpensive meals. Lidia and her family have successfully grown a wide variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables over the years.

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