Getting Fit With The Family

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel so busy that there’s no time for exercise. Parents especially know this feeling. Yet since exercise is so vital to one’s health, it’s important to find time to exercise each week. Below are some tips that parents can use to keep the entire family active and fit.

Find Excuses To Walk

One of the best ways to stay active even on the go is to walk as much as possible. For example, when you drop the kids off at school, park in the parking lot and walk them inside. When running errands, pick a parking spot that’s far from the entrance. Avoid using elevators and escalators when you can, and take the steps. Doing these activities with your kids will help them learn healthy habits, and they’ll also get your blood pumping. Walking 10,000 steps a day has many health benefits.

Get a Dog

Almost every child wants a pet. Furry friends are a great way to stay active in your household. In order to keep a dog happy and healthy, you need to walk it every day. Having a dog will push you and your family to get out there and get active. Many studies have shown that dog ownership increases daily exercise activity. Plus, dogs aren’t just great excuses to exercise. Over time they become like family members and provide joy to the entire family.

Do Chores

Everyone hates chores, but we all have to do them. Most parents give their children a weekly chore list to help them build character and learn responsibility. Chores are also a good way for parents to stay active. Mowing the grass, vacuuming the carpet, and dusting the house are some different ways to work up a sweat. Knowing how many calories you burn while doing chores will motivate you to get going.

Get Competitive

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition. If multiple family members own activity trackers, you can create a friendly family competition each week. One idea is to see who can reach the most steps or hours being physically fit in a week or month. Whoever wins gets a prize. This will motivate you and your family to create new healthy habits while spending time together.

Create a Routine

One of the best ways to get the entire family physically active is to create a routine. For instance, some families add yoga to their bedtime routine. It’s a great way to encourage the entire family to be active, and it helps relax you at the same time. Other routines include exercise in the morning or family hikes on the weekends.